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Camera Land's Deal of the Day
Nov. 25th Black Friday Holiday Deals Sweet Deals
Nov. 19th Redfield Rampage 20-60x60 Spotting Scope Kit #67600 Was: $289.99 Price: $189.99
Oct. 12th Lots of Discounted Optics Great Prices
Oct. 1st ZEN-RAY - 2015 ZRS HD (SUMMIT) 8x42 and 10x42 Waterproof Binoculars Nice Savings
Aug. 22nd Doug's on Vacation Riflescope Super Sale Offers Expired
July 30th (Open Box Unit) Minox ZV-3 3-9x40 Was: $209.00 Price: $124.99
July 23rd Steiner 8x42 Predator Pro Binocular #2410 Price: $199.99
May 28th Open Box/Trade Show Items Save $$
May 22nd Great Optics Savings Nice Buys
May 15th Demo Optics Sale Updated List Sold Out
May 11th Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44 BDC Riflescope #VPR-M-05-BDC Sold Out
Apr. 21st Minox Binoculars and Riflescopes Nice Buys
Apr. 15th A Bunch Great Optics Good Stuff
Apr. 9th MeoPro 3.5-10x44 - Z-Plex Reticle Riflescopes Was: $649.99 Price: $399.99
Apr. 8th Steiner CF 8x30 Safari UltraSharp Binocular #2214 Price: $209.99
Apr. 2nd ZEN-RAY - ZEN ED2 20-60x82mm Angled Spotter Was: $1199.99 Price: $799.99
Mar. 30th Leupold Optics Discounts Sold Out
Mar. 18th Portable Tube Lens Cleaning Kit Was: $14.99 Price: $9.99
Mar. 13th Grand Opening Prices on all Sports Optics ... Up to 35% off! Offer Expired
Mar. 5th Meopta, Minox, Nikon, Pentax & Steiner Deals Save Big
Feb. 24th ZEN-RAY - Prime HD 10x42 Binoculars with Dielectric Prism Coating Was: $569.99 Price: $499.99
Feb. 18th Incredible Deals on New Riflescopes Great Savings
Feb. 16th Certified Pre-Owned Leica Sports Optics Nice Deals
Feb. 12th Vortex 3-Inch Offset Cantilever Quick-Release Mounts Was: $269.99 Price: $199.99
Jan. 28th Zeiss Conquest HD5 2-10x42 - Rapid-Z 600 Was: $949.99 Price: $599.99
Dec. 24th Vortex Crossfire II 4-16x50 AO V-Plex (MOA) Riflescope #CF2-31041 Sold Out
Dec. 22nd Zeiss Conquest HD5 5-25x50 Was: $1199.99 Price: $999.99
Dec. 19th Price Blowout on Zeiss Terra Optics Nice Savings
Dec. 16th Open Box/Sample Minox Riflescopes Great Deals
Nov. 25th Holiday Binocular & Riflescope Specials Promo Expired
Nov. 24th 20% Off Minox Riflescopes Save 20%
Nov. 19th Minox ZA 5 HD 1.2-6x24 30mm Tube Riflescope Was: $499.00 Price: $329.99
Nov. 17th Vortex Black Friday Sale Nice Savings
Nov. 14th Minox Open Box Specials Great Stuff
Oct. 24th Leica 10x42 Ultravid HD Binoculars, in Green Only $1999.99
Oct. 22nd October 22nd Inventory Reduction Sale Sweet Deals!
Sept. 28th Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 Riflescopes Nice Savings!
Sept. 11th Vortex Damaged Box Demo Goods Great Buys!
July 15th Open Box S&B Exos 1-8x24 LM - FD7 Reticle Riflescope Sold Out
July 9th Open Box unit Vortex Diamondback 12x50 Binocular Sold Out
July 2nd July Gift Card Give-Away Promo Expired
June 24th Riflescopes Under $149.99 Great Buys!
June 19th 10% Off New Tactical Riflescopes Offer Ended
June 17th Demo & Open Box Opportunities Sweet Deals!
June 16th Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP EBR-1 (MRAD) Riflescope Sold Out
June 11th Leica Demo Super Sale Reduced Prices!
June 10th Leica Geovid HD 15x56 Yards Model Rangefinder Binocular Sold Out
June 4th Blowout of Riflescopes Awesome Deals
May 29th Leica Geovid HD 10x42 Rangefinder Binocular Promo Expired
May 22nd Vortex Red Dot Deals Promo Expired
May 20th Zeiss Optics Great Buys
May 7th Vortex Riflescopes Promo Expired
May 6th Meopta MeoPro 3.5-10x44 Riflescopes Was: $649.99 Price: $399.99
May 1st Over $100 off on Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44 Riflescopes Promo Expired
Apr. 23rd Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x50 Z-Plex #20 Sold Out
Apr. 22nd Meopta Display Unit Deals Save $$$
Apr. 8th Vortex Viper HS 4-16x50 LR Dead-Hold BDC Riflescope Sold Out
Apr. 3rd Vortex Damaged Box Goods and More Many Savings
Apr. 1st Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50 AO MC Was: $899.99 Sold Out
Mar. 31st Zeiss Conquest Duralyt Scopes Awesome Deals
Mar. 6th Flashback Thursday Deals Save $$$
Feb. 26th Mixed Bag of Great Deals Promo Expired
Feb. 10th Leupold BX-4 Mckinley HD 8x42mm Was: $599.99 Price: $449.99
Feb. 5th (Open Box Unit) Vortex Razor HD 10x42 Was: $1199.99 Price: $899.99
Jan. 29th Swarovski 10x25 Compact Binocular Was: $829.00 Price: $499.99
Jan. 28th Vortex Viper HS 4-16x44 LR Dead-Hold BDC Riflescopes, #VHS-4305-LR Sold Out
Jan. 23rd Flashback Thursday Promo Expired
Jan. 10th Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x50 AO MC Target Turret w/#20 Z-Plex Promo Expired
Jan. 8th Vortex Dakota Tripod/Summit Ball Head/GlassPak Tripod Carrier Kit Was: $249.00 Price: $129.99
Dec. 26th Doug Hates Doing Inventory Sale Promo Expired
Dec. 18th Vortex, Swarovski, Zeiss, & Minox Savings Promo Expired
Dec. 16th Nikon Fieldscope 20-60x85 EDG Spotting Scopes Sold Out
Dec. 14th Zeiss, Swarovski, Pentax, & Leica Deals Promo Expired
Dec. 13th Vortex 3 Day Event Call for Exciting Details
Dec. 12th Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10x44 V-Plex Riflescopes, #VHS-4302 Sold Out
Dec. 10th Year End Blowout Sale Discounts...
Dec. 9th 20% Off Red Dot Sights/Scopes Promo Expired
Dec. 7th Swarovski Demo Optics Promo Expired
Dec. 5th Demo Zeiss Conquest Riflescopes Promo Expired
Dec. 2nd Zeiss Victory Photoscope 85 T* FL #528100 Promo Expired
Nov. 27th Happy Thanksgiving Sale Promo Expired
Nov. 26th End of the Year Clearance! Promo Expired
Nov. 25th Zeiss Conquest Binocular Deals Promo Expired
Nov. 22nd Vortex Razor HD 1-4x24 (EBR-556 MOA Reticle) (Part# RZR124-E) Sold Out
Nov. 20th Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40 V-Plex Reticle Package Promo Expired
Nov. 19th Minox, Steiner, Vortex & Zeiss Combination of Combinations
Nov. 12th Camera Land's Pre-Black Friday Multi Vendor Event Promo Expired
Nov. 6th Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15x42 Promo Expired
Nov. 6th (Demo Unit) Zeiss Terra 3X 3-9x42 #20 Plex Reticle Promo Expired
Nov. 4th Demo Unit - Steiner 10x42 Predator Xtreme #2581 Sold Out
Oct. 30th Deal of the Day Review
Oct. 29th Open Box Vortex Viper HS 4-16x50 V-Plex Riflescope Sold Out
Oct. 28th Steiner Predator Xtreme 2.5-10x42 Riflescope with S-1 Reticle, #5001 Promo Expired
Oct. 21st Minox BL 8x44 BR Comfort Bridge Binocular #62195 Was: $489.99 Price: $299.99
Oct. 17th Bogen Manfrotto 190XPROB Pro Tripod Legs with a Promaster SystemPRO 595C Ball Head #4862 Offer Expired
Oct. 16th Pentax Gameseeker II 3-9x40 Riflescope SOLD OUT
Oct. 15th Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 (V-Plex Reticle) Matte Black Riflescope and 1-Inch (MED) Rings Was: $179.98 Price: $159.99
Oct. 10th ZEN-RAY - ZEN ED2 - 20-60x82mm Angled Spotting Scope Promo Expired
Oct. 9th Pentax Gameseeker RD Mini Waterproof Dot Sight #89704 Was: $99.00 Price: $74.99
Oct. 8th Swarovski Z6i Illuminated Series 3-18x50 BR-I Reticle Riflescope #59637 Was: $2599.99 Price: $2399.99
Oct. 1st Zeiss Conquest 8x40 T* ABK Binocular #524508 Sold Out
Sept. 26th Pentax K-50 Digital Camera and Lens(es) Was: $779.99 & $879.99 Price: $549.99 & $699.99
Sept. 25th Nikon ProStaff Digiscoping 20x Eyepieces #8338 Price: $19.99
Sept. 19th Promaster P180 Manual Control 2-Light Studio Kit #9413 Promo Expired
Sept. 17th Promaster - LED120 Camera/Camcorder Light Was: $99.99 Price: $49.99
Sept. 16th Zeiss Demo Riflescope Buyer Choice Promo Expired
Sept. 11th Nikon Trailblazer and Monarch Optics at Crazy Low Prices Promo Expired
Sept. 5th JOBO JIB 4 HD Sports Camera Was: $319.00 Price: $199.99
Sept. 4th Camera Land Gift Card with Vortex Purchase Promo Ended
Sept. 3rd Nikon Trailblazer 10x50 ATB Camo Binoculars, #7531 Was: $199.95 SOLD OUT
Aug. 30th Vortex Viper HS 4-16x44 V-Plex (MOA) Reticle Riflescope #VHS-4304 Was: $489.99 No Longer Available
Aug. 29th Steiner Predator Xtreme 2.5-10x42 Riflescope with S-1 Reticle, #5001 Offer Expired
Aug. 27th MINOX Night Vision Device NVD mini Was: $299.99 Price: $199.99
Aug. 26th Promaster Combi 25 Tripod and Head Special Was: $399.99 Price: $179.99
Aug. 23rd Smith & Wesson Special Tactical Knife and Multi-Tool Promo Expired
Aug. 22nd Promaster SystemPro Clamper Was: $89.99 Price: $49.99
Aug. 21st (Open Box Unit) MeoPro 8x42 Binocular, #523470 Was: $399.99 Price: $279.99
Aug. 20th Steiner Predator Xtreme 3-12x56 S1 Reticle Riflescope #5002 SOLD OUT
Aug. 19th Vortex Viper 15-45x65 Spotting Scopes SOLD OUT
Aug. 14th Swarovski 15x56 B SLC w/ Tripod Adapter Promo Expired
Aug. 13th Olympus TG-830 iHS Digital Camera Outfit Promo Expired
Aug. 12th Vortex SPARC Red Dot Promo Expired
Aug. 8th Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP Riflescope Promo Expired
Aug. 6th Demo Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x50 MC w/#20 Z-Plex Matte Black Riflescope #521485-9920 Promo Expired
Aug. 5th Vortex Small Digital Camera Adapter Was: $49.99 Price: $29.99
Aug. 1st Vortex Viper 20-60x80 Spotting Scope (Straight) Promo Expired
July 29th Brunton Echo 3-9x40 Riflescope with a BDC Reticle / FREE Bump USB Apple Solar Charger Promo Expired
July 3rd Minox ZA-5 2-10x40 Mino-Plex Reticle Riflescope, BF 8x42 BR Binocular, & MD 8x42 CWP Monocular SOLD OUT
July 2nd Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Kit Promo Expired
July 1st (Open Box Unit) Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 Was: $499.99 SOLD OUT
June 27th Minox Z3 3-9x50 Was: $519.00 SOLD OUT
June 26th (Demo Unit) Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 SOLD OUT
June 25th EYN Case for iPhone 4/4S and 5 Promo Expired
June 24th (Demo Unit) Zeiss Conquest Duralyt 1.2-5x36 - Illuminated Reticle - Matte Black Was: $949.99 Promo Expired
June 20th (Demo Unit) Leica Trinovid 10x42 Promo Expired
June 19th Zeiss Victory HT 1.1-4x24 - #60 Reticle Promo Expired
June 18th Pentax 20x60 PCF WP II Binocular Was: $239.00 NOW: $179.99
June 17th (Demo Unit) Minox ZA-5 2-10x40 w/ Mino-Plex Reticle Was: $479.00 SOLD OUT
June 13th ZEN-RAY - ZEN ED2 - 20-60x82mm Angled Spotting Scope Promo Ended
June 11th Minox MD 50 Straight Spotting Scope and Vortex Hi-Country Tripod with Ball Head Price: $300.00
June 10th (Open Box Unit) Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50 FFP Riflescope Was: $899.99 SOLD OUT
June 7th Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x50 MC w/Hunting Turret Rapid Z 800 Matte Black Promo Expired
June 6th (Demo Unit) MeoPro 6x42 Promo Expired
June 5th Zeiss Victory FL T* 8x32 BLACK w/ Lotutec Binocular, #523230 Promo Expired
June 4th Leica Certified Pre-Owned Riflescopes Promo Expired
June 3rd Vortex Spotter & Tripod ... Vortex Viper 15-45x65 Spotting Scope in your choice of Straight or Angled or a Vortex Viper HD 15-45x65 Spotting Scope in your choice of Straight or Angled and for $.01 extra we will include a Promaster FW20T Featherweight Tripod. Promo Expired
May 31st Vortex Razor Gen II 1-6x24 Was: $1399.99 NOW: $1199.99
May 29th Minox MD 8x42 CWP Monocular SOLD OUT
May 28th Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50 AO MC Hunting Turret Matte Black #20 Z-Plex #521451-9920 Was: $599.99 SOLD OUT
May 25th (Demo Unit) Steiner 10x42 Predator Xtreme Was: $329.99 SOLD OUT
May 24th Vortex Viper HS 4-16x50 LR FFP XLR Riflscope, #VHS-4313-LR with a Vortex Nomad 20-60x60 Spotting Scope (Angled or Straight) Was: $969.99 SOLD OUT
May 23rd Minox BL 8x33 BR Binocular #62197 SOLD OUT
May 22nd (Demo Unit) Zeiss Conquest Duralyt 2-8x42 - Non-Illuminated Reticle - Matte Black #525411-9906 SOLD OUT