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Camera & Sports Optic Shoulder Brace

The Stedi-StockŪ Camera Shoulder Brace, Shoulder Mount will help eliminate poor quality pictures, due to "camera shake". The Stedi-StockŪ Camcorder Stabilizer, Shoulder Brace, Shoulder Mount will help you get smoother videos (especially when filming action or sweeping panoramic shots). The Stedi-StockŪ Spotting Scope Shoulder Brace, Shoulder Mount, will help you hold a spotting scope stable without the weight of an unwieldy, bulky, cumbersome tripod.

The Stedi-StockŪ optical stabilizer lets you interchange optical devices, (35mm camera, digital camera, Camcorder, or spotting scope) on one steady stock platform, providing stability like a tripod, with the maneuverability of the device itself.

The Stedi-StockŪ is a Camera Brace, Camera Stabilizer, Camera Shoulder Stock, Camera Shoulder Mount, Camcorder Brace, Camcorder Stabilizer, Camcorder Shoulder Brace, Camcorder Stock, Camcorder Shoulder Mount, Spotting Scope Brace, Spotting Scope Shoulder Brace, Spotting Scope Stabilizer, Spotting Scope Shoulder Mount and Spotting Scope Stock all rolled up in one ultra-light device to assist in producing higher quality pictures, smooth, stable videos and clearer, crisp images.

The Stedi-StockŪ is adjustable, and a great addition to your camera equipment, camcorder or spotting scope bag. It is our mission to provide a quality, ultra lightweight and durable product that is adjustable to the individual user. A Steady Stock platform that will enhance the quality of the MEMORIES the user is attempting to capture with an optical device.

All of us at Agonic Enterprises sincerely believe in our product and we use it to enhance the quality of our photos, video our family activities, and to provide a stable image of wildlife while pursuing the great outdoors.

Thanks to modern technology, the digital cameras, camcorders and spotting scopes currently available in today's market are lighter than in years past. However, it is still difficult to hold one steady which causes your pictures, videos, and observations to look like an amateur took the picture or filmed the video. People are still people, we still flinch, wiggle and move while attempting to take pictures, videos and view things through scopes. A Stedi-Stock™ will assist in overcoming those human tendencies and provide you with pictures and videos of a professional nature. Since it is a multi-tasking device, it will also provide stable images when viewing wildlife, nature or the great outdoors.

Price: $24.99

Cameraland NY

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Package includes:
1) Stedi-Stock - Stabilizer Brace
2) Attachment Handle
3) Shoulder Strap.

Super Tough Hi-Strength Nylon Construction
Weight: 6 ounces
Length: 14 in.
Height: 4-1/4 in.
Width: 1 in.

Adjustable optical device attachment.
Allows eye relief adjustment depending upon the individual and the optical device attached.