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Minox BL 8x32 BR
Part# 62149

The undoubted success of the current MINOX 8x42 and 10x42 BL's in the UK market in particular has prompted MINOX Germany to complete the 'BL' lightweight range with an 8 x 32, a specification that is becoming more and more popular due to its naturally small dimensions in a 'full size' binocular.

These exciting and well-priced binoculars once again combine the high quality of MINOX optics with the brand new lightweight rubber-armoured body being used that has proven so popular on the current range.

Weighing in at 525 grams, the new BL's feature a new design of rubber armouring that provides an excellent grip in all weather conditions. The central focus wheel is also rubber armoured to ensure ease of use and grip, even with gloves on. Fully waterproofed to a depth of 5m ands Nitrogen gas purged to prevent internal fogging during quick temperature changes.

The fully multicoated optics and phase-corrected prisms produce excellent image clarity and brightness, already proven and tested in the current 'BL' range. The new MINOX 8x32 BL's focus down to under 2 metres and just one and a half turns of the focussing wheel gets you from close focus to infinity.

While making use of a lightweight polycarbonate body, which itself undergoes the same rigorous durability testing procedures of the top-end MINOX BR binoculars, the BL's still retain the all-metal eyepiece assemblies which ensure that the twist-up eyecups stay in place at all times but can be easily adjusted so that anyone wearing spectacles still has a full field of view.

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