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Minox BD 8x44 BP
Part# 62150

As if cast from the same mould the MINOX BD 8x44 BP and BD 10x44 BP binoculars are hard to tell apart and feature a striking and unmistakable blend of all MINOX competences in leading-edge optical technology. Enhanced three-dimensional imaging, an exceptional light transmission of 94.5 percent as well as an extremely compact design make these binoculars the ideal companion for every field of nature observation.

The Porro prism offers clear advantages over roof prisms, especially the higher light transmission, as less light is lost in the optical path through reflection, on the way to the eye. Nevertheless, this design has been somewhat neglected over recent years. The use of Porro prisms always implies increased weight and comparatively larger dimensions of the binoculars. As a specialist for the miniaturization of optical equipment MINOX has been able to develop compact Porro binoculars minimizing these familiar weak points and maximizing the strong ones.

Only binoculars fitted with Porro prisms are able to provide the user with an enhanced three-dimensional shape or 3D-effect of the object in view, this being based on the increased objective lens spacing. With this almost three-dimensional imaging it is a lot easier to exactly estimate the position and distance of the objects in the field of view - something hunters or those practicing water sports will rate very highly. Besides this, the short and compact design offers clear-cut advantages in handling, particularly when every second counts. When the observer views an object with the naked eye, he or she can literally pick up one of the MINOX Porro binoculars at the turn of the wrist, immediately capture the object close up and then put the binoculars back down, standing on the objective lenses and safe from tipping over.

The elegant and modern design of the sturdy metal housing is both innovative and ergonomic, just like the focusing system which is one of MINOX's own developments: for the first time in Porro binoculars an internal focusing with central focusing is used instead of the usual individual eyepiece adjustment. This is where the large focusing wheel is also used for diopter adjustments. Once adjusted to the user's eye the correction is stored and protected against any unintentional resetting.

Standards are again set by the quality of the optical system. High contrast, neutral color rendition and maximum resolution of the images are striking features in this respect. An innovative sealing technology is another feature of these MINOX Porro binoculars. The BD 10x44 BP is protected against the penetration of water at a pressure of up to 0.5 bar or, comparatively, at a water depth of five meters. A noble argon gas filling on the inside also protects the inner glass-air surfaces against corrosion and fogging, enabling the optical system to remain ready for action at all times, even under extreme temperature fluctuations. With extended eye relief people wearing glasses can also enjoy the full field of view - for easier adjustment the 10x44 is additionally fitted with twist-up eyecups with click stops.

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