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Minox MD 62
Part# 62210 & 62211

The ability to draw in distant objects close enough to touch! This is also something many nature observers and birdwatchers desire. With the spotting scopes, MINOX MD 62 and MD 62 ED, MINOX has supplemented its sport optics program to meet this requirement. Here again the company values of compact design, quality and precision are consistently applied, as with all products from MINOX in the field of sport optics. The spotting scope weighs just 930 grams and with its dimensions of 328x99x89 mm it is one of the most compact models available.

The optical designers attached particular importance to an extremely short focusing distance and it is therefore possible with the MD62 to observe everything which grows, blossoms and moves in the area in the closest detail, yet remaining at a safe distance. Even just 5 meters away!

The sturdy metal housing protects the precision mechanical parts and precision optics against harmful influence from the outside and the nitrogen filling prevents misting up of the optical system on the inside, even under extreme temperature fluctuations. The eyepieces 21-42x L.E.R., vario 20-45x, 22xww, 30x and 40x complete the new MD range of spotting scopes. These ensure a universal application and with the bayonet mount system it is instantly ready for use.

Being a legendary camera manufacturer, MINOX has, of course, also provided an appropriate photo adapter for use with all camera systems.

A nylon ever-ready case with a unique design perfectly complements this MINOX product and can be optimally used with a tripod, whenever required.

Special Order - Delayed Delivery
Price: $649.00 - $699.00
Straight & Angled Models Available
Eyepiece Not Included
Suggested Accessories:
* Carson Universal Smartphone Optics Adapter
* 20-45x Eyepiece
* 21-42x LER Eyepiece
* 40x Wide Angle Eyepiece
* 22x Wide Angle Eyepiece
* 30x Wide Angle Eyepiece
* SystemPro Tripod & Head
* MicroClean Cleaning Cloth
* OpticClean Cleaning Fluid
* MicroClean Deluxe Lens Pen
Cameraland NY
Cameraland NY
Cameraland NY

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Cameraland NY
Cameraland NY
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