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Cameraland NY

Leica Ultravid 8x42 BR
Part# 40261 & 40266

The 42mm Ultravids are almost as compact as a 32 mm and offer nearly as high an aperture as a 50 mm. There is not even a 10% difference between the 8 x 42 and 8 x 50 in calculated twilight performance.

The multi-talented tool for rendering images rich in contrast by day and at twilight. For almost any application, the relationship between light intensity and weight as well as between magnification and visual field is optimum on this model.

The new ergonomic enhancements for relaxed handling: the back-sided, formed thumb support of the 50 mm and 42 mm BR models ensure that the binoculars fit in your hands free from shaking or slipping. The large central focusing device enables natural handling and easy operation.

No Longer Available

Cameraland NY
Cameraland NY
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