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Cameraland NY

Leica Duovid 10+15x50
Black & Green

Part# 40420 & 40425

The Duovids with 50 mm lens diameter and optional 10x or 15x magnification close the gap between binoculars and a spotting scope with their 15x magnification.

This Duovid is a high-aperture, high-performance set of binoculars that becomes a mini spotting scope with a simple flick of the wrist. In the 10x position, it offers a steady image with a large depth of field. Changing to 15x allows for a level of detail recognition that was previously reserved for spotting scopes. All of this with using both eyes! Because of its excellent imaging performance, the 50mm Duovid is especially suited for twilight and night sitting in the stand, and the necessary tripod adapter for longe-range viewing is included with the binoculars. The ergonomic form and tactile rubber reinforcement ensures a sure grip - even in wet and with gloves - and allows for good image steadiness.

Price: $2799.00 - $2899.00
Color(s): Black & Green
Suggested Accessories:
* Leica Binocular Harness
* Stabilite Tripod Adapter
* MicroClean Cleaning Cloth
* OpticClean Cleaning Fluid
* MicroClean Deluxe Lens Pen

Cameraland NY