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Leica CRF 900 Rangemaster
Part# 40517 & 40518
Yards & Meters Versions Available

The CRF 900 has a maximum range of 825 meters and is therefore the ideal starter model for many different applications.

Its design and operation concept are fully tuned to the needs of the user. To ensure a steady shake-free image it is not held with both hands like a pair of binoculars but is intended for single-hand operation. Weighing a mere 220 grams, the lightweight and unusually compact rangefinder is the perfact companion, fitting into the smallest shirt pocket.

Reference class in optics
With its excellent light transmission ratio, wide field-of-view, unsurpassed image qualities and comfortable ocular with generous diopter compensation, the CRF 900 is both a high-end 7x optical instrument and a measuring device.

Reference class in electronics
Delivering the highest measuring precision even on small or moving targets and extreme reliability in difficult weather conditions at a finger tip, the CRF 900 features an LED-display which automatically adjusts itself to surrounding light conditions.

Reference class in mechanics
All optical and electronic components are integrated in a solid die-cast metal housing ensuring optimum precision and durability, a super-compact, lightweight and watertight carbon fiber reinforced housing protects the CRF 900 against the harshest of weather conditions.

* On international orders, due to new shipping regulations, this will be shipped without the disposible battery

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Cameraland NY

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Cameraland NY
Cameraland NY
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