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Vortex VIP Warranty
Makes a Very Important
Promise to you!

The VIP warranty is a Very Important Promise to you ... because you are a very important person to us. Each Vortex product is built to last, and unconditionally guaranteed with our commitment to your absolute satisfaction.

You can count on service under our VIP warranty ... it is:
  · Unlimited
  · Unconditional
  · Transferable

VIP warranty works for you!

At Vortex Optics, we want you to use and enjoy your optics with complete confidence ... that's why our warranty is so straightforward. Rest assured that if any Vortex Optics product should ever require service, Vortex will repair or replace the product absolutely free no matter what the cause!
  · No warranty card to fill out.
  · No time limit on our promise.
  · No restrictions on coverage ... even if you transfer ownership of the product

Vortex MK 1 QR Digital Adapter

Be ready for digiscoping - always!
Whether you're out in the wilderness or at a local park, you'll be ready to capture exciting shots by digiscoping through the Vortex Skyline or Skyline ED spotting scopes. Not only is this digital adapter a cinch to use, but the unique design provides a hassle-free way to switch between watching wildlife and digiscoping when the unexpected appears! Plus, the MK 1 QR Digital Adapter has the advantage of letting you use your digital camera with this adapter attached to it.

Price: $149.99

Cameraland NY