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Zeiss Diascope 65mm T FL
Part# 528012, 528042, 528044, 528052 & 528054
LotuTec & Non-LotuTec Models Available
Angled & Straight Models Available
Silver & Green Available
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Zeiss Diascope 65 T* FL 65mm Straight Spotting Scope with LotuTec Coating - Carl Zeiss, a name immediately synonymous with uncompromising optical quality, offers the finest spotting scopes available. You can choose from two colors, two viewing angles and two objective sizes.

One of the greatest problems facing sport optics is not only fingerprints, grease and dirt on the glass surface but contamination from water. The incredible Zeiss LotuTec coating acts just like a lotus flower - the drops simply pearl off. With this coating, dirt and finger prints can be easily removed from the smooth surface. In this way, your view will not be interrupted be it in a fog, mist or rain forest.

It is entirely a matter of personal preference which cannot be determined but through experience, but many prefer angled scopes for extended glassing periods as well as when simultaneously sharing a scope amongst multiple viewers.
Straight scopes are simple to use, particularly when locating the subject, and shave a bit off of the weight, size and cost. Whether you'll want a 65mm or an 85mm scope will depend on your needs and ability to carry the item. But it is unequivocally true that the 85mm scope will produce a brighter image and more useable real-world magnification.

The 65mm Diascope has a focal length of 378mm. If you're using the Diascope with conventional 1.25" eyepieces by employing the optional #528384 Astronomy Eyepiece Adapter, divide 378mm by the focal length of your eyepiece to determine the effective magnification.
  • The LotuTec coating is an improved protective "shield" that helps prevent water and other contaminants from collecting on the optical surface
  • Rotating tripod collar with detented click stops and both 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threadings
  • Retractable lenshood
  • Impervious operating range from -2 to +131 F (-18 to 55 C)
  • Both digital & 35mm camera adapters to convert your scope to a telephoto lens
  • Large focusing barrel with oversized grooves for fine control
  • Built-in sighting aid
  • Magnesium fluoride T* & P* multicoatings dramatically increase light transmission
  • Accepts conventional 1.25" astronomy eyepieces with the purchase of optional #528384 Astronomy Eyepiece Adapter
  • Accepts 67mm filters

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* Carson Universal Smartphone Optics Adapter
* Diascope Eyepieces
* Neoprene Diacover/Scope Cover
* Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit
* SystemPro Tripod & Head
* MicroClean Cleaning Cloth
* OpticClean Cleaning Fluid
* MicroClean Deluxe Lens Pen

Cameraland NY
  • Objective diameter (mm): 65
  • Height: 4.13 inches
  • Width:3.15 inches
  • Length:11.81 inches
  • Weight:2.43 lbs.

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Cameraland NY
Cameraland NY
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