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Cameraland NY

Zeiss Diascope 85mm T FL
Part# 528043, 528045, 528053 & 528055
LotuTec Models Available
Angled & Straight Models Available
Silver & Green Available
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The high-power spotting scope with eyepieces for straight or angled viewing. With its length of 13.58," this high-power scope is relatively compact and weighs 3.20 lbs.

Technical Data
Objective diameter (mm)
4.13 inches
3.82 inches
13.58 inches
3.20 lbs.

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Suggested Accessories:
* Diascope Eyepieces
* Neoprene Diacover/Scope Cover
* Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit
* SystemPro Tripod & Head
* MicroClean Cleaning Cloth
* OpticClean Cleaning Fluid
* MicroClean Deluxe Lens Pen

Cameraland NY

Don't Forget Your Eyepiece!
Diascope Eyepieces
Cameraland NY

Suggested Accessory
Cameraland NY
Cameraland NY
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