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Cameraland NY

Zeiss Compact Point Reflex Sight
Standard & Blaser R93 Models Available

There are times when hunting dangerous game, or close in deep cover, when you need to take aim spontaneously and at lightning speed, even where the field of fire is really narrow. A reflex sight like the Victory Compact Point enables you to shoot at moving game even when your field of view is greatly reduced. In a situation where you need to take aim quickly, this optic shows the advantage of perfect targeting ergonomics: you can keep both eyes open and aim intuitively using the finely controlled illuminated dot. You can also fire a second shot straight away where necessary.

Cameraland NY
Rapid target acquisition
The large glass element gives you an outstanding overview across the field of fire and the opportunity for a quick shot. It is bordered by a very slender aluminium frame, which covers virtually no part of the field of view. You enjoy clear visibility of what is happening, significantly greater security and a more successful hunt.

Cameraland NY
Tried and tested LotuTecŪ coating
Keep your target clearly in sight whatever the weather. Water simply rolls off the tried and tested LotuTecŪ coating,ensuring clear visibility even in rain and snow. This innovative protective layer also makes it quick and easy to remove dust and dirt.

Cameraland NY
Well thought-out operation
The illuminated dot can be turned on and off at the simple touch of a button. You can regulate the intensity of the illuminated dot yourself, depending on your preference and the light conditions. The function button is easy to reach and can also be operated wearing gloves.

Cameraland NY
Versatile mounting options
From bolt action to double rifles, there are very few rifles that cannot be fitted with this compact reflex sight. Three mounting options are available for secure and rapid mounting.

Cameraland NY
Battery power
Just two CR 1632 batteries provide the Victory Compact Point with enough power for many hunting expeditions, even in extreme cold weather. The batteries are changed from above, with no need to remove the reflex sight from the rifle. This makes it an easy operation for you to carry out without the complication of re-sighting the rifle.

New & Demo Units Available
Price: $399.99 - $749.99
Picatinny & Weaver Models Available
Z-Point Archery Bracket Price: $60.00
Z-Point Protective Cover Price: $18.00
Suggested Accessories:
* Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit
* MicroClean Cleaning Cloth
* OpticClean Cleaning Fluid
* MicroClean Deluxe Lens Pen

Cameraland NY

  • Magnification:
    1.05 x
  • Optic Element:
    0,90 x 0,63 in
  • Dot Size (yd):
    3.5 MOA
  • Adjustment Range Height at 100yd:
    167.76 in (180 MOA)
  • Adjustment Range Lateral at 100yd:
    188.64 in (160 MOA)
  • LotuTecŪ:
  • Dimension L x W x H:
    2.28 inch x 1.06 inch x 1.41 inch
  • Weight in Use in oz:
    2.64 oz
  • Energy Supply / Type of Battery:
    2 x Lithium 3V Type CR1632