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Steiner Military/Tactical 5-25x56mm
Part# 5525 & 5550
G2 Mil-Dot & MSR Reticles

The STEINER Telescopic Sight Military 5-25x56 mm is a scope with an extremely high magnification, designed for use on long range tactical and sniper rifles. High magnification and elevation travel allow to extend the practical shooting range beyond 1,500 meters. The 5x zoom makes it extremely versatile, while the large 56 mm objective provides outstanding visibility even in lowest light conditions.

  • Broad band Anti Reflection coated optic guarantee a maximum light transmission of greater than 90 %.
  • 5 × zoom erectors offer higher flexibility with both a wide field of view at low power plus the ability to zoom up and bring far objects into clear focus extended elevation travel for precise targeting beyond 1,500 m.
  • A rugged 34 mm compact 1-pc main tube construction.
  • Integrated rotary knob system with digital illumination and parallax adjustment combined in left side turret for comfort and ease of use with or without gloves on.
  • 11 Illumination steps (7 Night & 4 Day) with two off-positions at each end, plus 10 standby (light-off) settings.
  • Front focal plane, so sub-tension remains unchanged over the magnification range for quick and easy target identification and accuracy.
  • Illuminated, glass etched Mil-Dot or MSR reticle.
  • Fully waterproof to 10 meters.
  • Shock proof to 900 G’s.
  • Nitrogen filled to be fog proof inside.
  • Aircraft grade machined aluminum knobs for positive grip and durability in all conditions.
  • Manufactured in Germany.
Expert details that make the difference

In the premium league of high performance sniper optics, small features make the crucial difference. STEINER MILITARY 5-25x56 offers 10 good reasons to give evidence of our technology superiority:
  • True 25x magnification - STEINER’s larger magnification of true 25x results in more details for the rifleman to see for quick & precise target identification.
  • Increased field of view and elimination of tunnel effect - Quick & easy target acquisition with low 5x magnification thanks to extra large XL field of view. Increased visual convenience for the rifleman thanks to elimination of tunnel effect (tunnel effect is a visual proof for imperfect optical calculation).
  • Exterior product design optimized for maximum operator convenience and ease of handling. XL extra large & non-slip knobs for use with or without gloves (elevation, windage, parallax and illumination knob). Non-slip diopter adjustment and non-slip magnification (power) ring.
  • Interior product design optimized to reach maximum elimination of stray light. Special interior design and surface treatment eliminates stray light. Stray light interferes with the optical path and results in significantly reduced visual performance.
  • Illumination mechanism with tactile stand-by position in between each setting. Quick & easy stand-by position helps to avoid excessive battery consumption. Within a split of seconds the rifleman is back in the required illumination setting.
  • Elevation adjustment with unique, patented “STEINER DuoScale” - a unique double turn construction with second rotation hiding while not active. No more confusion if the elevation is on 1st or 2nd turn. Very fast & simple to read the scale and no more risk of misinterpretation (1st or 2nd turn).
  • XL elevation & windage knobs contain also an extra large XL mechanism which performs with maximum precision. Large diameters allow more accurate & precise clicks. This increases the repeating accuracy within the complete adjustment range of 260 clicks of elevation and 120 clicks of windage.
  • Parallax setting visible from shooting position - immediate information and quick adjustment.
  • Tube and knob configuration optimized to allow maximum options for mounting purposes. Illumination knob is integrated with minimum space requirements in the parallax adjustment knob (no extra illumination knob!) Simple & easy to mount on various rifles without having problems caused by limited mounting space. Scope can be mounted in the optimum position to allow maximum operator convenience. Additional equipment (e. g. flash light, laser, …) can easily be mounted alongside the scope
  • All adjustment knobs are 100% sealed with latest state-of-the-art sealing technology. Absolutely no water can get underneath the STEINER knobs. Performance of click mechanism is secured and can not be obstructed or damaged by frozen ice or humidity.

Price: $3149.99 - $3249.99
Suggested Accessories:
* MicroClean Cleaning Cloth
* OpticClean Cleaning Fluid
* MicroClean Deluxe Lens Pen

Cameraland NY
Cameraland NY
Cameraland NY

  • Magnification:
  • Objective Size:
    56 mm
  • Magnification Change:
  • FOV @ 100 m:
    7,23 - 1,43 m
  • Exit Pupil:
    9,80 - 2,24 mm
  • Eye Relief:
    90 mm
  • Twilight Factor:
    15,65 - 37,4
  • Battery:
    CR 2450
  • Diopter Setting:
    +2 to -3 diopters
  • Tube Diameter:
    34 mm
  • Focal Plane Location:
    First focal plane
  • Reticle:
    G2B Mil-Dot / MSR
  • Illumination:
    Rotary Digital Control
  • Operating Temperature:
    -25 to +63 °C
  • Storage Temperature:
    -35 to +70 °C
  • Nitrogen-Pressure-Filling:
    Fog proof inside
  • Water Pressure Proof:
    up to 10 m
  • Elevation Adjunstment:
    Knob Resettable to Zero with Wrench Visual & Tactile Indication of Turns
  • Elevation Adjunstment Increment:
    1 cm (0.10 mrad)
  • Elevation Range @ 100 m:
    260 cm (26.0 mils)
  • Windage Adjustment Increment:
    1 cm (0.10 mrad)
  • Windage Range @ 100 m:
    ± 60 cm (6.0 mils)
  • Parallax Adjustment Knob:
    Side mounted, Rotary
  • Parallax Adjustment:
    50 m to Infinity
  • Weight with caps (approximately):
    1030 g
  • Weight without caps (approximately):
    1000 g
  • Length at 0 diopter (approximately):
    422 mm