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Quickly Improve Your Composition

The composition of your image, which refers to how the subjects are arranged in the frame, is key in creating an image that evokes an emotional reaction. Many photographs are nice enough but with a bit of adjustment, could be transformed from average to extraordinary. One way to improve an imageís composition is through the use of cropping, a powerful tool when properly used.

Consider what you feel to be the essence of the image. Make that subject the focal point and donít be afraid to crop close. If a personís head is in the image, youíll want to leave enough room so the photo doesnít feel cramped. However, in many other situations, a close crop brings the main sentiment to the foreground without extraneous background clutter competing with the subject. You can always undo the crop results as long as you donít save over the original image. This allows you to experiment with different crop ratios and proximity and get a feel for what works in different situations.